Walk Me In

Walk me inBuddy’s school has a very regimented system for morning drop off. Originally they were only going to allow parents to walk their children in on the first day and from then on we were supposed to use the “valet” option. That option consists of pulling up next to a cone, an older student comes to your child’s door, opens it and helps your child out of the car, then they lead your child to their classroom. In an effort to keep things moving, your child is supposed to be ready to leave the car as soon as the door opens.

Buddy and I noticed that some parents were ignoring the system and continued to walk their children to classrooms after the first day.

So this morning Buddy had a special request:

“Mom, can you walk me in today.”

“Well I don’t know Buddy. We’re not really supposed to and if you let me drop you off, mom won’t be late for work. Besides big boys don’t need mom to walk them to class.”

“I know I’m a big boy mom. But they want me out of the car too fast. And I can’t give you a proper hug and kiss unless you walk me in.”

Absolute silence while my heart melts and I keep the tear from falling. Once again, it takes my little man to remind me what is truly important in life.

I walked him in and savored the hugs and kisses and the “I love you” right before he went to his seat.

My boss will just have to understand where that other 5 minutes went. Maybe I should have listened to my other mom friends when they said “treasure every moment they want you there, because when they get older you’re supposed to disappear.” I will walk him in every day from now on as long as he wants me to.


~ by blacktoprhoades on August 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Walk Me In”

  1. Yes, you should listen to us! Because soon they drive out of the driveway with a moving van and you realize there are no more “walk me in” moments.

    • I always try to listen to you. We had another “walk me in” session this morning. I am dreading the “walk away” moment though (hopefully it is many, many years in the future.)

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