What Girls Really Want

Yesterday’s 4:30 ritual (school pickup and conversation about the day) was well underway when Buddy told me something I didn’t expect to hear from him for another 15 years at least.

“Mom, guess what Summer said today.”

My response was laden with the normal items.

“No Mom, she said she is going to marry me when we grow up.”

Stifling a laugh, I asked how he responded.


Nodding my head, I thought that part of the conversation was over.

“Then guess what she did.”

No thoughts really came to mind so I asked him to tell me.

“She asked Derrick to marry her too.”

A bit more laughter tried to escape. A full laugh gushed out after the following:

“Mom, girls want everything in life don’t they?”

Most men never figure this little secret out, and those who do don’t usually realize it until much later in life. My six year old just broke the girl code. Now we are all in trouble. That is until he forgets that little tidbit to make more room for “more important” things (sports, cars, etc).


~ by blacktoprhoades on September 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “What Girls Really Want”

  1. Rosie will be devastated!

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