Hamster + Glue = ????

Each week Buddy’s school sends home a progress report. A couple of weeks ago Buddy’s report was a little strange.

“Spent time in hallway for putting much glue in the hamster cage.”

Distressed I asked Buddy what he was thinking.

“Mom we thought the hamster would think it was milk.”

After that we had the discussion about not doing everything your friends do and the proper treatment of animals. Luckily the hamster is alive and well.

Yesterday I asked him what they did at school.

“We did another glue project. The teacher sat me really far away from the hamster cage and she only gave me a glue stick.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Something tells me the teacher has been through this before.

~ by blacktoprhoades on September 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hamster + Glue = ????”

  1. He’s my favorite kindergartner.

  2. LOL poor hamster!

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