Told You So

Last week Buddy awoke Thursday morning complaining to Dad that he didn’t feel good. He continued to complain the entire time we were getting ready for school. We had the discussion with him about how life would be that day if he stayed home from school: no tv, no toys, no books, just sleep. He still wanted to stay home. So we made a deal that if he had a temperature he could stay home, if not off to school he would go. His temperature came up normal so he begrudgingly went to school.


Later in the day I get a call from the school asking me to come pick Buddy up. It seems he was registering at 101. So I went to get him. I didn’t even get two steps into the school office when he comes walking in saying:

“I told you I was sick Mom. You should have listened to me.”

I looked over at the school secretary and she was giving me that look of you know you shouldn’t send you sick child to school. I sheepishly explained we had taken his temperature earlier in the morning and it was fine. Somehow I don’t think she believed me.

On the way home, Buddy was all about telling me how right he was and that I now have to listen to him all the time.

I began to wonder if all the hot air caused his temperature and whether it would be gone when the fever was.

Luckily all is well and Buddy is now back to normal.

I’m just questioning how often I will be reminded of this episode in the future when he wants to stay home.


~ by blacktoprhoades on October 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Told You So”

  1. So funny story…when the Assistant Pro was little, she always ran *hot* and the school was constantly calling me to come get her because of her *fever*…which was normally 99! No amount of explanation convinced them. When she told me she didn’t feel well, she got to stay home because I knew they would call me to come get her as soon as she hit the nurse’s office.

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