Only From a Boy

So not too long ago there was a terrible smell in our house. And it steadily worsened to the point of almost being sickening. During this progression I repeatedly asked Buddy if he had spilled something and just didn’t tell me about it (since this has happened in the past). He adamantly denied any wrong doing.

Then one day I couldn’t take it anymore and started firing questions at him. The last two hit home:

Did you bring something dead in the house? – Noooo (nervous tone with head down).

Ok, did you bring something that was once living in the house? – Yeeesss (still extremely nervous).

After the last answer I asked Buddy to show me where it was. He proceeded to take me into his room and then stood right in front of the case that had cloth cube drawers (that happened to be just on the other side of his bed’s headboard). He pointed at the top cube and said: “He’s in there.”

Holding my nose, I opened the drawer to find what was once a cuddly little rabbit. Not a I’m-so-young-my-eyes-are-still-closed rabbit, but an adolescent one. He had been dead for a couple of days. I promptly discarded of the rabbit and the cloth cube, opened all the windows in the house and cranked the attic fan.

I then sat Buddy down to see what logic could possibly be behind this little caper.

He told me that he caught the rabbit by throwing a towel over it and pouncing on it. He then brought it into the house and stowed it away in the drawer. He said he would get it out at night, when he was supposed to be in bed, or early mornings before Dad and I got up. He thought those quiet times were best for playing with it.

I asked if he tried to feed it: I tried to give him cheerios, but he didn’t seem to like them.

How long was he alive: He made it a few days.

Why didn’t you put him outside or tell us he was in here after he died: I didn’t want to get in trouble.

Why did you bring him in in the first place: I just wanted a pet to play with.

You have two dogs outside: I know, but I wanted one inside.

Only from my boy. I guess I should be happy it was something that would actually stay in the drawer instead of a snake.

He assured me that the next time he gets an inclining for a different pet, he will ask first so we can take care of it properly.


~ by blacktoprhoades on May 18, 2012.

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  1. At least he told you!

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