Who is really driving?

Growing up we always think we are in complete control. This assumption only changes when you have a child of your own and realize the child is right. They control your life. Or let’s just say parents let them “control” their lives by putting their children ahead of themselves, always and without hesitation.

I am the mother of a wonderful young man (Buddy: name changed to protect from embarassment) who, like most children, says the darndest things. Sometimes they are silly, sometimes strange, almost always sprinkled with a little laughter, but always communicated with love. I am terrible at journaling or keeping track of things in the normal sense. To be completely honest I haven’t even started Buddy’s baby book, and he started kindergarten this year. I have all the pictures, but I’d rather spend the time creating new memories than trying to immortalize the old ones. So I decided to start this blog as a way of keeping better track of all of those sayings from our little ones that we tend to forget as time continues on. Most of the comments recorded here will come from our daily drives to and from school.

I’m sure this will also be a venting platform for parenting highs and lows. Feel free to give suggestions, sympathy, hugs etc. Knowing you’re not alone, whether in good times or bad, is always a reassuring feeling.


3 Responses to “Who is really driving?”

  1. I love that you are doing this! Helps me keep up on you and “Buddy”! Hope you all are doing well. Hopefully, we can come down and get together soon!

    • Thanks. I figured since everyone lives so far away it was a good way for people to stay in touch. We would love to see you guys. Maybe a post or two will come from the next camping trip.

  2. I love keeping up with you and Buddy. Glad you mother gave me this website. I am always checking on it to see the next adventure. I did enjoy seeing and talking with him at your parent’s house a few weeks ago. I got to film him doing his karate moves. I show it to anyone that will watch it. Love you guys.

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