They’re Coming!!!!

There is never a dull moment in our house when Buddy is around. A week ago Monday Buddy was home with his dad cleaning house. They came across an old cell phone and Buddy asked if he could keep it. His dad checked the phone, the sim card had been removed but the battery still worked. There was no way the phone could complete a normal call so his dad saw no harm in letting him keep it. He proceeded to play with the phone for the rest of the day. No harm there right? Wrong.

I need to preface the rest of this with a little history lesson about Buddy. A few months ago we taught him about 911, when to use it and especially when not to use it. As any true boy would do, he made the call. And unfortunately for him the operator called back and talked with both him and his father. Needless to say, Buddy got in trouble and promised not to do it again.

So back to last week. Buddy played with the phone the entire day. Open, hit some buttons, close, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Finally bedtime rolls around and he asks if he can keep the phone with him. No problem there. Dad and I go downstairs to practice and within a few minutes we hear a bloodcurdling scream coming from Buddy’s room. Not just a regular scream mind you, but the kind where you expect blood all over the walls. We get to his room and he is sitting on his bed, holding the phone and crying.

“Mom, they’re coming.”

“Who’s coming?”

“The officers.”

Buddy’s father and I look at each other, one wondering how Buddy managed to call 911 when the phone shouldn’t have connected and two deciding whether we thought an officer would actually be coming to the house. Normally we would also be thinking about what the repercussions of Buddy’s actions should be, but not this time. He was beating himself up over it so much we were trying to calm him down. We didn’t have to wait long for the answer to whether or not we would have a visitor.

Not even 10 minutes later a Sheriff’s deputy arrived at our house. He asked if we had a child with a cell phone. Of course our very apologetic answer was an affirmative. His next statement surprised us though.

“We’ve received 27 phone calls in the last half hour from this location. On the last call the child was screaming. I need to see your child.”

I went to Buddy’s room to collect him. He was scared out of his mind.

“I don’t want to. He’ll take me away Mom.”

I tried to reassure him that no one would take him away.

“Then they’ll take you away.”

Again more reassurance that no one was going to be taken from the house. I finally got Buddy to agree to see the officer, but only if I would carry him in. The officer was very kind to Buddy. He gave him a high-five. Talked to him about the appropriate uses for 911 and they shook hands on the agreement that if Buddy ever needed help the officer would come back out and see him. I took Buddy back to bed and then the officer told us about how his daughter had done the same thing with an old cell phone (just not 27 times). We talked for a few more minutes and then he left. We went to bed that night thinking the ordeal was over and it would all be something to laugh at for years to come. Until the next day, when Buddy added insult to injury.

That next day Buddy was to go for a play-date at a new friend’s house from his kindergarten class. The parents are all still in the process of getting to know each other, so this was the first time any of the kids had ventured to each other’s houses. Apparently they were all sitting at lunch when Buddy pipes up.

“There was an officer at my house last night.”

He didn’t feel the need to explain it any further. So when I arrived at the house after work that day to pick him up his friend’s mom was cautiously suspicious and mentioned what Buddy had told her. I’m sure I looked like deer in headlights. Eventually I regained my composure and then proceeded to explain what had actually happened. With fears relieved, we all had a good laugh. They are a really nice family and I’m hoping all that didn’t scare them away, Buddy really likes his new friends.

So moral of this story for all the parents out there: Remove all batteries from old cell phones or you may have an unexpected visitor arrive at your house.


~ by blacktoprhoades on January 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “They’re Coming!!!!”

  1. Oh that’s hilarious. Maybe a career in emergency dispatch or law enforcement is on the horizon for your little man. 🙂

  2. It was funny when you told me, and still funny in print. A story for the future Mrs.!

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